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Just Like Housekeeping

We’ve sat down and listened to a trucker tell stories about hauling cross country. These stories always include all kinds of adverse weather and crazy adventures but if one thing holds true throughout them all, it’s the fact that they spend a lot of time in their truck. When you really think about it the amount of time spent in those trucks almost makes it like a second home which needs taking care of, just like housekeeping.

Some might ask what the point is in getting your truck washed but it’s almost like asking someone why they clean their house, because they take pride in it. You rarely see a dirty truck on the roads, every one you can remember was probably elaborately painted with some kind of decoration that makes it unique to that driver.

Just like owning a home driving a truck comes with a level of responsibility and pride that you don’t want to lose. You’re spending so much time in it that it becomes crucial to make sure that you enjoy being there and almost no one wants to live in a dirty home; that’s why make sure you keep it clean is so important.


Keeping it Clean

There’s lots of things you can do to make sure your home away from home is something you can take pride in, just like housekeeping you need to clean it regularly. An easy way to keep it looking good is to wash it regularly to avoid buildup of dirt, rust, and grime. Not only will this increase the longevity of your truck but it will also make it something worth showing off.

While the exterior is what’s seen most by people the interior is something that needs some care too. Make sure to occasionally tidy things up, wipe down surfaces, and clean off seating just like you would at home. By keeping your main living space clean you’re going to feel a lot better about spending so much time in it and you might even start wanting to show it off!

Overall, cleaning your truck regularly is a great habit to get into to not only take pride in your vehicle but to also make others a little envious of you big rig. If you’re looking for a great pit stop to give things a quick clean, visit us on our website!

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