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Aluminum Brighting

When you’ve build up extensive dirt, grime, and corrosion on your tractor or trailer regular washes just won’t cut it anymore. Instead of opting for a pricey paint job, or even worse, replacement, try out our aluminum brightening wash to cut through all the buildup on your vehicle and make it look like new! Our aluminum brightening process:

  • Removes stains, discoloration, aluminum oxide, salt and corrosion on aluminum and metals.
  • Quickly foams and rinses away freely.
  • Prevents rust and protects.
  • Removes brake and rail dust from rims, side rails and paint.

Our aluminum brightening process is a two step process. The first step is a safe and effective acid rinse to destroy the difficult remnants hanging onto your tractor or trailer; then our traditional wash process is used to finish, seal, and protect like new. Our aluminum brightening process promises to eliminate those “impossible” dirt and grime scenarios on your vehicle.


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