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3 Reasons Why You Need a Truck Wash

3 Reasons Why You Need a Truck Wash

While there’s a bevy of things that could be of concern in your truck upkeep, one that constantly stares you in the face is dirt and grime. A dirty truck is something you can spot instantly, even with the slightest amount of grime. Although most will think of getting a truck wash as purely cosmetic, the fact is that heavy dirt build up on your rig has many adverse effects that can result in less success for your business.

Here we break down why getting your truck washed is such a vital part of quality upkeep:

Keeping the DOT happy

It might seem crazy, but the Department of Transportation keeps a stern eye on all matters of road infrastructure, including those who travel most often on it. This typically means truck drivers. Since semi-trucks are the most present and imposing figure on the roads, the DOT is particularly keen to ensure everything is in order; that includes clean rigs. Accumulated dirty on rigs has been known to fly off and cause hazards for other drivers. So a clean truck is in fact a safe truck for both drivers and the DOT.


Better Aerodynamics

Wondering why your MPG is so much lower than just two weeks ago? It could be because you haven’t gotten your truck washed! A dirty truck actually impairs the original flow of air around the truck, making it harder for you to travel forward. This increase in resistance makes your engine work harder, causing you to use more fuel. A clean truck will allow you to move as you were meant to, and save more fuel.


Keeping Up Your Reputation

Trucking companies are put in a unique position in that your brand is visible the entire time you’re doing your job. More than that, since you’re on the road the whole time, that’s countless other drivers that are going to be seeing you and your truck on a daily basis. Having a filthy truck does not translate well for business. A clean truck signifies pride and professionalism. Both things you’ll need to uphold your reputation.

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